When it comes to office productivity software, Microsoft Office seems to lead with a huge gap with other competitors, since its first announcement i.e. on 1st August 1988. This is the reason the Microsoft Office suite is one of Microsoft’s best-selling products and it has achieved near-ubiquity in the desktop computer market. Although it is the most famous productivity office suite which offers you many features to work on office files and is being used for decades. But it is very much costly, so people search for the crack version of Microsoft Office, and download, and install the crack version of it on their PC. It is illegal and at the same time invites a lot of viruses that are harmful to the speed and security of your computer.

Now many such office software available, which are free and are offering almost all the features of Microsoft Office Suite, then why use crack software?

Here is the list of office suites software that are absolutely free:



Free Office is an office suite developed by the Soft Maker company, which is one of the better alternatives to Microsoft Office suite among the free office software. This office suite is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, you can download it absolutely free for both personal and business use from its official website and install it on your PC.

Free Office offers feature Including TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations that works as Microsoft’s World, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively.



With the Free office suite, there is no need to compromise the compatibility as it is absolutely compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which enable the users to open and save the document in Microsoft file formats such as DOCX. XLSX and PPTX respectively for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which means you can share the files with Microsoft Office users directly.

The Android version of the Free Office is also available for people who are using android tablets and android phones.


  • Only office



Only Office is one of the best office suite software. If you are looking for free office productivity software as an alternative to Microsoft Office, then Office Only is a great option for you.

This office suite is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. To use Only Office, you need to visit its official website and simply download the compatible version according to your operating system and bit further follow the instruction to install it on your PC.



This office productive suite includes bundles of office controlling and editing software such as (i) Document editing which replaces Microsoft word, (ii) Spreadsheet editing which replaces Microsoft Excel, and (iii) Presentation editing, which replaces Microsoft PowerPoint and Fillable forms that allow you to create fillable forms and save forms as PDF online files and PDF that is very useful editing software provide feature to convert PDF files to DOCX for editing.

  • Apache one office



One Office is an open-source free office suite software, if you want a free alternative to Microsoft on your PC, which can help in editing general office documents, some accounting, calculation, and data entry work on the sheet, as well as preparing a presentation, then One Office suite software is a good option for you.



One Office includes an exactly similar interface to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint along with other office editing tools as shown in the above picture.

  • Libre Office



Libre is a well-known name. it is an open-source office suite software that is known to almost every person who has little knowledge about the technology and keeps regular working on the office suite.

A special feature of this application is that it encourages its users to contribute to improving it and adding new features to it.

LibreOffice is available absolutely free for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, just go to its official website and download and use the version according to your operating system.



LibreOffice is loaded with features that include a word processor namely WRITER, a work-sheet editor called CALC, a presentation tool known as Impress, a vector-drawing program called Draw, and a database program called Base, and a math-formula editor called Math.

It has an almost similar user interface to Microsoft Office tools, those ribbons are overloaded with features that make it easier to use, once you get familiar with the features.

The only drawback with this office suite is that it does not include any integrated cloud storage.

  • WPS Office



WPS Office suite is a high-performing and lightweight office suite software. This office suite software has been developed by a China-based developer company Kingsoft.

Although this app is free, you will often see ads that keep interrupting you while working on it, and if you do not want to see these ads, you have to pay 30 $/per year.

This app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems which allow you to use this office suit on every kind of device. 



WPS Office suite includes various office editing tools such as WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, and WPS Presentation that work as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively along with a pdf reader. It has the option to customize the interfaces so you can have the menu style of your preference. it also has an integrated cloud with up to 1 GB of storage included.


  • Office.com


If you only like Microsoft Office as you are using it for a long time and you do not want to install it on your PC for some reasons as well as want to go anywhere worldwide and can view and edit your documents on any computer or other devices, so you can access Office.com also known as Microsoft 365. This is a cloud-based office suite that can be considered Microsoft Office’s Online Version. Office.com provides its user with a browser-based version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


How to Use office.com as an alternative to the Microsoft Office suite?

To use office.com go to your browser and type in URL Bar “office.com, then click sign in thereafter sign in with your Microsoft id (if you don’t have a Microsoft account first create one before accessing office.com)



Here you will find the interface as shown in the image then simply select your file to edit, read or print. For a new one clicks a web app like

Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and further select a template of a blank document and start creating your new document online. Here your edited or created documents will save automatically to One Drive which you can access anywhere at any time on any PC by signing in with your Microsoft Account id.


  • Google Workspace



Google workplace is a combination of document editing tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, etc. along with others like Gmail, Google Meet, Google chat, and many more. It also offers an online storage solution called Google Drive. These are the best productivity tools.

If you have an internet connection then there is no other suite like Google Workplace, it doesn’t matter which operating system or on what device you want to use google workspace tools, just log in with your Google account and use all the features without any hindrance.

The best thing about Google Workspace tools is that it is absolutely free for non-commercial and personal users. It Provides complete control over the documents and also allows you to download the created documents using google tools, which are fully compatible with Microsoft Office files, so you can open and edit them with any office suite. Therefore, Google office tools that come with Google workspace are the best free alternative to Microsoft Office.

Note: the sources of all images used in this article are their respective websites and applications

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