What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of cellular network technology service that gives assurance to access high-speed wireless internet speed up to 10 GB per second on your mobile phones if your device is capable to receive a 5G network. It also can connect billions of devices. It is designed to reduce latency by less than 1 millisecond (ms) from the present 50ms. Which is a major problem for current and previous generations of the network. 5G cellular network promise to resolve the voice cracking problem permanently which is also an issue with a mobile network that needs to be resolved.

How 5G Technology in India will change your life?

Once 5G technology is fully established it will open new avenues of economic development for India which will completely change our life.

All the schools and colleges had to close during the period of the covid-19 pandemic. During this period classes and examinations were conducted online, which could be a great idea for the futuristic educational system, but all was in vain because in India high-speed internet is not possible in every home, especially in backward areas. With the advent of 5G technology, there is a possibility of big change in the field of education.

5G Internet will bring the consumers’ entertainment level much higher. With the help of a 5G network, they will be able to watch 4K quality videos, use AR/VR, enjoy online gaming, streaming, etc. Along with all these the experience of downloading videos and applications will be transformed.

The Internet has given birth to a new kind of employment, that is uploading videos on YouTube and other social media platforms relating to different subjects, by which they have entertained themselves as well as earned. The biggest obstacle amid this new online earning medium at present is the slow speed of the internet because most of the creators do not have the facility of fiber broadband yet. Therefore, the fast internet of 5G will encourage the creators to work more and earn more and will take this new opportunity for generating online earnings to new heights. Along with this, It will also increase the reserves of foreign exchange as creators earn in US dollars.

Online selling and purchasing called E-commerce, has transformed the traditional way business is done in India. The future of online business in India is enormous as online business is expected to reach US$188 billion by 2025. Fast speed 5G internet helps in providing more growth to online businesses as this saves time for consumers and unnecessary travel expenses. 5G gives assurance of 10 times faster speed, high-speed internet enables online businesses to connect more customers, and hassle-free transactions of payments. It will also allow for quick response to customers and delivery of their orders that increase satisfaction in consumers and reduce the stress level of businessmen.

There will be a big growth in the banking sector. The biggest obstacle in the way of making India caseless is slow internet speed. All the banks have launched their online service applications, but none work properly due to a lack of adequate internet speed. Many kinds of errors are often found in the applications of all the banks. Problems like transaction failure, time-out, bank account not found, etc. are very common problems with banking service applications as well as UPI applications. If your money gets stuck during an online transaction, then it may take a week or more time for it to be credited back to your bank account. At times, there is only this much amount in the bank account of the account holders, that gets stuck during the online transaction and the purpose for which they are paying or doing the transaction is completed with a delay. After the launch of the 4G network, the practice of online payment and transactions has increased a lot in urban areas, because the mobile internet speed is good in these places. But in rural areas, where about 70% of the country’s population resides, the credibility of online transactions is still very low. With the advent of 5G, the above shortcomings will be removed, due to which people’s trust in online transactions will increase greatly, which will see a big transformation and growth in the banking sector.

The present time is the age of remote working, about 30 percent people of in developed countries like America, Australia, Britain, etc. are doing work from their homes. Different IT companies have launched video conferencing tools to keep people in face-to-face collaboration like Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, etc. Through video conferencing, chairpersons of big industries without wasting time discuss and take decisions on any major issue, no matter how far away one is. Along with this, sitting at any place in the world, they interact face to face with their employees, which saves time, and increases productivity. In the absence of proper mobile internet in India, all these video conferencing tools have the issue of network connectivity, which leads to many problems like screen freeze, latency and voice crack, connection break, etc. A major change in the working practices and productivity of Industries workers can be seen after the launch of 5G.

Internet is playing an important role in the field of patient care and the dissemination of medical science. With the help of the internet, doctors are getting instant digital diagnostic information about patient health issues that make them capable of immediate action to save the life of patients, which has changed the old paper reporting system to a great extent. Medical professionals are providing remote patient care services through the internet. They are accessing health care literature and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest research information in the field of medical science, and so on. After 5G technology, medical science will climb one more step of growth in India.

Along with all these above-mentioned areas, 5G is ready to play an important role in the dissemination of modern technology and schemes in rural areas, as well as in the field of research, in the field of entertainment, in the field of transportation, and in the field of Artificial Intelligence research, etc. 5G cellular Network Will revolutionize making Digital India.

The 5G network in India is likely to be launched by the end of 2022. Almost all mobile phone companies have started selling 5G mobile in India, which would be beneficial for the mobile network companies that they will get a good number of 5G users in the initial stage.


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